My Testimony

“Mom, if I had something to tell you, would you be a Mom or would you be a friend.”

My daughter Nikki, walked into the kitchen …

“Mom if I had something to tell you, would you be a Mom or would you be a friend?”  This is where  my journey begins.   It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, those are the words that are forever etched in my mind the night my daughter finally disclosed what her stepfather had been doing to her.

I am a mother and my daughter, my baby, my only girl, sandwiched between her two brothers, was sexually violated, she had been used and abused by her stepfather.  The “Minister of Music” at his church.

“I just want to be a help, I know I’m not their Father, but I just want to help,”  he would say to me, over and over again.

What this book is not. This is not Nikki’s story, it’s mine.  This is not an expose detailing the abuse my daughter suffered. I am not attempting to tell her story. This is MY story, with my daughter’s help and support.

I am putting voice to the heartache, pain, anguish, shame, hurt, and absolute disbelief that I her mother went through.


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“‘They Don’t tell’ is a book everyone should read. Authored by the beautiful Lisa R. Gray, it talks about child abuse from a whole new perspective. Every page contains priceless nuggets of wisdom that is sure to change you.”  – VBCA

“Wish I could hug your daughter right now and tell her how much she’s loved and appreciated. Hang in there honey…. You’re such a bold and strong mom. You did what was best for your daughter. Bless you…”  – Customer Review


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